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Protect Your Home With Reliable Home Insurance

Home is the biggest investment for most of us. It’s the place where we raise our families and make a lifetime of memoroes.

We believe that an insurance company should do more than just pay for financial losses incurred in the home; it should also help prevent losses and accidents, and offer policies flexible enough to meet your individual needs.

Above all, it should provide you with the security that comes only from the knowledge that your home is properly insured. makes sure that your most important asset is protected. Our trusted insurance professionals offer knowledge and expertise to customize your policy and meet your individual needs… coverage that fits both your budget and your priorities.

What Insurance Coverages Do Homeowners Need?

Because not all policies are equal, you need to keep in mind the important things that you need when it comes to protecting your asset.

Below is a list of the coverages you need in homeowners insurance:


Replacement cost that is guaranteed

Actual cash value takes the depreciation of property into account when calculating reimbursement amount. While if you have guaranteed replacement cost, insurance construction costs, depreciation, or policy limits are not part of your worries while you are rebuilding your home.


Enough Limit

If you have a total loss, enough insurance is needed to rebuild your home. In your effort to save a few dollars, don’t compromise by choosing a lower limit.

When it comes to choosing the right limit, the increased value of your home after a home improvement must be considered. Always inform your insurer about any improvement project so the limit may be adjusted, if necessary.


Adequate liability coverage

In case someone gets hurt within your property, homeowners liability coverage will protect your assets. Some incidents, which happen away from home, like running a bike into someone, could also be part of the coverage.

The liability coverage that most people choose is at least $300, 000. This could help save you from a wiped out net worth due to lawsuits, which are not odd as many might think.  


Loss of use coverage

Where would you stay if your home becomes uninhabitable after a covered loss? How would you even pay for the extra expense? This is where loss of use coverage comes in; this will allow you to stay at a hotel or apartment in an occasion of covered loss, with reimbursable costs.

Endorsements that let you customize your coverage: Everyone’s risk factors are different. That’s why you’ll want the option of adding earthquake coverage along with inland marine coverage for high-value items you may own. Another important coverage that many homeowners need is flood coverage, which is offered as a separate policy by most carriers.


Coverage that is customizable by endorsements

You might need different coverages depending on the hazards present in the area. Risk factors might vary depending on your location. Make sure you have got the risks covered by adding any or all the following: inland marine coverage, earthquake coverage, and flood coverage.


A trustworthy insurance agent

It is important that your insurance agent is knowledgeable, so that good advice may be given to you, especially when things become complicated. To help you get the right coverage at the right price, you may count on our insurance experts.


A dependable dollar deductible

Make sure that your insurance has specific dollar amount deductibles. Do not fall into the same mistake as many homeowners make who get shock that after a disaster when they find out that they need to pay a percentage of the limit in their policy rather than the dollar amount that they picked.

For different causes of loss, you may choose the different dollar-amount deductibles at Erie.

The support of a financially sound company

The backing of a stable company is what you need if you have a claim.


Review your homeowner policy needs with one of our experienced agents who understands your needs and who can discuss the many options and discounts available. Contact us to learn more about our homeowner products.


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